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About Us

Man with Key


Consultium is founded to create and deliver value throughout the projects’ life cycle, components and expertise. Consultium brings diverse expertise in different doctrine for managing projects and developing attractive opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Aviation and Renewable Energy sectors.

We conduct effective proficiency and tools including Technical, Commercial and Contractual expertise, combined with effective implementation criteria in project management. Beyond our comprehensive capabilities in project management consultancy, we work closely to develop attractive opportunities through a robust presence in the market and strong relationships with investors, financiers and clients.

Consultium juggles perfectly the three balls: Time, Cost and Quality, while securing and developing projects from financing to implementation.


We are determined to be the partner of choice for our crucial contribution in achieving successful projects


We strive to meet our clients' unique needs and seek to deliver a value boost for projects through innovation,diverse expertise and work closely to ensure projects formation and execution

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