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Dispute Avoidance & Dispute Resolution

We are of the opinion that the best way to resolve disputes is to avoid them.We strive, through our credible methodology, to avoid any potential dispute by constantly assessing the project risks and addressing even the tiniest differences and seek a timely, fair and reasonable determination. However, even with the best Dispute Avoidance structure, disputes may still arise. Consultium is associated with several teams of respectable experts in almost every construction discipline. We provide privileged commercial and contractual consultation combined with techno-legal support to our clients should they be involved in disputes being resolved by formal court litigation, arbitration or any other ADR methods.


  • Dispute Avoidance Strategy and Support

  • Litigation and Arbitration Assistance

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Risk Analysis & Management

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

  • Forensic Delay & Disruption Analysis

  • Acting as party Representative

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